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Care that Gets Results

1 Shumay et al. “Digital Therapeutic Augmented Telehealth for Chronic Pain: Early Results at a Fibromyalgia Virtual Specialty Clinic”, 2024 Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting

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81% of patients in Swing Care report improvement in fibromyalgia-related well-being at 90 days.1

Reduced pain intensity

Reduced fibromyalgia severity

90% + patient satisfaction

Learn more about our comprehensive care.

View Our Treatments 1 Shumay et al. “Digital Therapeutic Augmented Telehealth for Chronic Pain: Early Results at a Fibromyalgia Virtual Specialty Clinic”, 2024 Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting

Swing Care is a new way to receive expert fibro treatment.


Our consultation process and treatments have been developed in collaboration with leading clinical fibromyalgia experts.


Our treatment includes options for your mental health, day-to-day fibro management, and medicine- based care.


We’re dedicated to listening and taking time to serve you.


We offer ongoing care that is tailored to your unique symptoms and history.

Swing Care is covered by insurance.

Our in-network coverage varies by state. Please check our assessment to find out if your provider is covered.

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Patients Love Swing Care

  • If you have had issues with medicines for fibromyalgia making you feel worse, if you have had doctors discount what you feel, if you have ever felt like maybe your fibromyalgia isn’t actually real, or even if you are new to fibromyalgia, GO to Swing Care.

    LeighAnna, 33

  • I absolutely LOVE being a Swing Care patient! We have been able to fine tune my medications. I’m not so tired all the time. I have canes and a walker I no longer have to use … even on my bad days. Emotionally/mentally I have grown as well because of the things I’m having to address in the app. That in itself is huge in my healing.

    Rachel, 40

  • I had done a lot of research about how pain works. Stanza fit in with my goal to calm and rewire my brain. It helped me be more consistent with follow through and kept me accountable. The lessons reinforced that I was on the right track.

    Katie, 58

  • My symptoms are less intense for sure, and I can be much more active physically. Stanza helped me break tasks into smaller parts and gave me daily accountability. The guided imagery exercises were some of my favorites.

    Sarah, 42

  • I’d tried a few different medications but nothing really managed the wide variety of symptoms. The doctors only talk about pain; they never address the mental strains. Now, I don’t feel as defeated as I used to. I’m able to do things with my kids, and still work on personal projects, without falling back into bed exhausted.

    Sheela, 33

Staffed by Experts

Swing Care clinicians have training and experience in evidence-based fibromyalgia care and are licensed in their states of practice. All of our prescribing clinicians are fully credentialed and maintain active board certification in their specialties.

Our care team is led by Dr. Andrea Chadwick, one of the world’s leading researchers and care providers in fibromyalgia. Dr. Chadwick has made it her mission to advance the state of care in fibromyalgia by moving forward our scientific understanding of the condition and increasing access to evidence-based care.

Andrea Chadwick, MD, MSc, FASA

Medical Director

Dr. Andrea Chadwick, MD, MSc, FASA is Medical Director of Swing Care and is double-board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

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Our Care Really Works

Fibromyalgia is complex. That's why comprehensive care doesn't only focus on pain. It also includes treatment to improve common fibro symptoms. With our clinically-validated digital treatment, patients with moderate to severe fibromyalgia saw meaningful improvement in symptoms.2


of patients had less pain interference


of patients 
had less fatigue


of patients 
improved sleep


of patients
improved memory


of patients improved physical functioning


of patients 
reduced depression

2 Dai Y, et al. “Fibromyalgia Symptom Management with Digital Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” [abstract]. Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting 2024.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog? You’re not alone. 4% of Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, a widespread centralized pain condition.

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Our Mission

We support people living with chronic pain conditions by offering personal and evidence-backed treatments that combine the best of human and digital care.

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